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Wonder why

There are days I wonder about the purpose of my actions. What’s the point in being positive and happy, if so many people are in pain? Can I be happy? Am I allowed to be successful in any way? And I don’t mean successful in a material way, but in my heart. Am I allowed to feel joy, when someone else is in pain? I can’t decide. All I know is that it is not how I am. Although I can be relieved with the thought of having my blessings, it makes me sad that the pain in our world doesn’t seem to end. I don’t want to look away, I want to be aware and I don’t want to distance myself from the experiences of other people. No matter how terrible those stories are, I should feel them. To make myself aware that all of this, is not all that matters. The most important thing is 💜~ 🙏🏽🌸✨~ #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #healingjourney #pain #control #yoga #yogalove #yogalover #yogagirl #healing #grief #sad #hypersensitivity #sensitivity #anxiety Advertisements

Without filter

This morning I woke up with a terrible weird headache. However I needed some yoga so I tried some exercises. It’s a warm day in the Netherlands, hence the comfortable clothing. Regarding my headache, I am not sure what it is. I have some migraines from time to time. Perhaps the stress lately is beginning to show. It probably is, but I can’t control what’s happening with the people around me. Somehow I should control how I cope with it myself. I haven’t found the best way yet. I am born without a filter. Everything goes straight through me and sometimes my heart. I am not sure if it’s something I want to change. It also keeps me aware of everyone around me that I love. With yoga I hope to find a way to be involved with my loved ones, but also protects myself. It’s not easy to find, but I’ll keep searching and exploring. ~ 🧘‍♀️💗🌸~ #yogadaily #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #healingjourney #yoga #yogagirl #control #yogalife #yogamorning

Lonely sunshine

A weekend full of sun is coming. Most people are looking forward to days like these. Warmth. Sunshine. I never was and I still don’t know why. Maybe because I always felt lonely on the days other people joined together to enjoy the sun. I always felt lost during those days and I learned to get through the days by myself. Now I don’t need other people to entertain me, but still on spring days I can’t enjoy the sunshine. It’s there, it’s fine, but I don’t need it to find joy. Maybe because I’ve found the joy within. Searching for the sunshine inside myself. So when the rain comes, I have myself to turn to and to live from the joy within. ~ ☀️🌸🏹~ #yogadaily #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #yogagirl #sunshine #loneliness #lonely #healing #healingjourney

Journey of good and bad

Perfection. First I hesitated to start this yoga account and my website, because I considered myself not experienced enough in yoga. After a few small posts on my website for @lvchfairytales I noticed the appreciation for my messages. So I dared to start this account. Now I can say, it’s fine not to be fully experienced in yoga. It could be useful to show people my journey with yoga and healing. It also helps me to continue this path and keep going, no matter how difficult it feels. That’s life isn’t it? It isn’t one success story. We experience good and bad days, so I shouldn’t be ashamed of my bad days. My bad yoga poses or the days or weeks it’s impossible to join a yoga class. Like this week. It’s always there for me and I am even now able to do yoga at home. So I am never without yoga, little by little it becomes part of me. That’s exactly where I want it to be ~ 🧘‍♀️💗🏹~ #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogagirl …

The real self

One of the reasons I was fascinated by yoga was the exploration of the self. I am really searching for me. Who am I? What is my foundation? My foundation is more or less broken and may be absent even. It was broken and destroyed, then I build it up again with the love I received after five months. But the real me was gone, disappeared. It’s somewhere, it’s in my core. The yoga calls it the Self, so that’s what I am trying to reach. My Self. Pure. With love. Nothing else ~ 💗🌸💜~ #yoga #yogaphilosophy #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogagirl #hatha #self #selflove #selfcare #inspiration #motivation