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Hot summer salad ☀️💗

What to eat on a hot summer day? Salad it is. It’s healthy and fresh. Today I made some chicory with avocado, chicken and cucumber combined with a spicy dressing of mayo, yoghurt and cajun. Healthy again! I must be honest, I did cheat a little the last few days, or enjoyed. Unfortunately eating healthier doesn’t make me feel better and I think I should prioritize differently. Also I am too emotional lately. I don’t have filter and everything gets to me. It seems like it won’t change, but that means my health won’t change and I am a bit worried about that. Let’s hope time will build this filter for me so everything will become easier in the future ~ 🌸💜🌸~ #chicory #salad #healthyfood #healthy #healthysalads #healing #healingjourney #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #saladfood #foodie Advertisements

Another healthy moment

Another healthy breakfast again. Although, I had a little breakfast with oatmeal around 7 AM (yes on a Sunday). So around 11 AM I was ready for more. Again, toast, avocado and 1 egg 🍳 sunny side up. To be honest, I don’t feel a great change when it comes to my physical condition. I still feel tired, dizzy and the headache just won’t go away. This shouldn’t stop my healthy eating patterns, so I keep going. For next week I also bought some sugar snaps, zucchini and egg plant to prepare my lunches with. So enough healthy lunch moments to go! 🙏🏽🌸~ #healthyfood #food #foodporn #yogafood #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #healthy #toast #avocadotoast #avocadotoasts #egg #bakedavocadoegg #bakedegg #sunnysideupegg #healing #healingjourney #headache

Another avocado

Sharing food pics is really weird, considering I am not a fan of cooking. Or let’s say cooking for other people. I always have these unfamiliar combinations, which never match with the traditional cooking people are used to. So I always keep my meals to myself. Today is another avocado day, this time with a boiled egg and chicken. Once again with couscous. Sharing this online also helps me to continue with this eating pattern and discovering new exciting combinations to enjoy ~ 🌸🥑🥚~ The recipe for today~ 1/2 avocado 1 boiled egg Couscous Chicken #eathealthy #eathealthyfood #avocado #boiledegg #yogalifestyle #yoga #healthyfood #yogafood #healthylifestyle #healthylife

Sunny side up

In preparation of my ballet performance in two weeks, I want to try to eat more healthy. It’s a good reason to start eating healthy. I also hope it helps me to feel better and more energetic. I have had more periods like these, trying to eat more vegetables and less junk food. It’s especially the quality of the food that I need to pay attention to. So today it was one egg, sunny side up, avocado, couscous and some onions for the spicy bite. It was the first time I tried this combination and it was really good. Unfortunately I do not react very well on eggs, so I should be really careful with eating this. But today I really wanted to try one egg, we’ll see what happens 😉~ 💋🌸~ #yogadaily #yogalife #eatinghealthy #healthyrecipes #yogafood #ballet #yogagirl #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #healingjourney