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Breathe with tears ~ 🕉

These few days I have the feeling that some elements in life are not for me anymore. This feels somehow as a disappointment, but I should also see this as a new opportunity. Sometimes a door just closes, even when you don’t want to. It means a lot of things and you should look at the opportunities ahead of you. Being adopted I always tried to look at life as a second chance. Born in Indonesia but raised in the Netherlands gave me new opportunities to a better life. This was a mindset that kept me going. Even as a little girl I knew I should make the best of it and give it all I got to make this chance a successful one. So everyone will be proud and it wasn’t all for nothing. Lately I still live with this mantra but I also feel the pain more. I realize what happened, what I lost and what I will never get back. It will be lost forever and it’s a harsh reality that sometimes …

A journey of light 💕✨

For more than a year now yoga has become a greater part of my life. I can honestly say it helped me through a difficult period and it still does. No I will not say I am healed, definitely not. Also this journey is taken with small steps, which is not weird since the load that I am carrying is pretty heavy and I am taking more and more. So it’s really necessary to take my yoga moments and follow my classes. Lately I realized that yin yoga is the best way for me and helps me to find more peace in myself. To cope with emotions and also release and acknowledge them. Not a very nice journey, however it’s better to acknowledge them than not to. In the end you must realize they are part of your life. You just don’t have to become them. With yoga I would like to change these emotions and pain in something beautiful and give hope to anyone who experiences a difficult time themselves. You are not alone, …

Hot summer salad ☀️💗

What to eat on a hot summer day? Salad it is. It’s healthy and fresh. Today I made some chicory with avocado, chicken and cucumber combined with a spicy dressing of mayo, yoghurt and cajun. Healthy again! I must be honest, I did cheat a little the last few days, or enjoyed. Unfortunately eating healthier doesn’t make me feel better and I think I should prioritize differently. Also I am too emotional lately. I don’t have filter and everything gets to me. It seems like it won’t change, but that means my health won’t change and I am a bit worried about that. Let’s hope time will build this filter for me so everything will become easier in the future ~ 🌸💜🌸~ #chicory #salad #healthyfood #healthy #healthysalads #healing #healingjourney #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #saladfood #foodie

Wonderful way 🙏🏽

Just be in the moment can be satisfying. Not moving your body all the time, but really feel. Sounds wonderful, but again very difficult. With some postures like these I can manage to relax. To enjoy my body, my breath, the moment, the air. That’s one of the satisfying elements I discovered with yoga. I can enjoy. Even in breathing. Sometimes the most relaxing posture, can give you the best way to healing and finding your soul again ~ 🌸🙏🏽~ #yoga #yogalife #yogalove #yogagirl #yogasoul #soulsearching #healing #healingjourney #breathing

Survive with thunder

Today I was thinking about being clean. Clean from pain, hurt, sorrows, grief. Free from feelings with negativity. Is it possible for me to reach a state like that? At this moment I doubt it. I don’t believe my traumas will ever disappear. I believe they stay, they exist, they are part of me. It’s another part of me that needs to heal to cope with these feelings properly. That’s what I believe in. That I can be healed in a way I have found a healthy lifestyle to cope with my daily depressions and anxiety’s. I am not there yet. Last few days I have felt really disappointed about myself. That I wasn’t able to perform as I wanted to. What needs to be healed is the part that can say it’s okay. There will be other and better days. Today the rain fell and dark clouds dominated your well being. But as we know, the sun will appear soon enough. So when the sun shines, you remember the rain and thunder. And you …