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Heavy on my mind

There are days it’s difficult to find the motivation from within. This week I have those kind of days and I am not feeling well, physically and mentally. However, yesterday I went to my hatha class, knowing it’s my way to recovery. Of course I joined the hatha class even though my mind and breathing didn’t collaborate with me😉. I did the postures, all of them and sometimes of course more than I should have. What is a yoga class for me without pushing myself again. Right? Like always I am happy to join the class. I am even thinking that hatha suits me better than vinyasa. So, even though my mind still feels dark and heavy, yoga is still on my mind. 🧘‍♀️ 💚~ #yoga #recovery #yogalife #yogalifestyle #baddays #yogagirl #yogajourney Advertisements

Unbearable change

Change. I don’t understand why we find it difficult to change, when it’s in our best interest. Even though this change can make our lives easier, there is this part in us that just makes it harder to let go. So why can’t I stop certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors? Probably because it’s so familiar. Even though it hurts me or the people I love, it’s familiar for me, my mind and my body. I wonder if I will be able to change and heal completely. It feels weird to let go of something, that connects me to a loss that caused it. So it’s an interesting journey, painful but interesting that can take me to a place I could never dreamed of. Let’s hope so ~ 💜🧘‍♀️ ~ #yoga #yogagirl #yogainspiration #healing #yogalife #yogalifestyle

Trying Vinyasa again

After a stressful and emotional period I have signed myself in for a Vinyasa class. A few months ago I actively joined the Slow Flow class, but after a second loss I was forced to take it slowly. The death of my grandmother had a big impact on me emotionally and physically. I feel the energy in my body is confused. Taking this Vinyasa class is scary, but I really want this. Because I also feel it’s an exercise I can learn and benefit from ~ just do what I can and most of all enjoy yoga, in every way ~ 🧘‍♀️ 🌷🙏🏽~ #yoga #vinyasa #yogagirl #yogalife #yogalifestyle

Wait and be silent

Doubt. Even though I enjoy Yoga, I am not sure whether this is the path for me to discover myself. When I write this. Or when I this comes to my mind, I do realize it’s my fear talking. My deep insecurity about myself. Always not knowing results in never knowing. Always thinking that what you do is not meant to be. That’s what adoption does with your mind and spirit. Or what it does with me. I never know. I am not able to trust. The world. My self. Or all the people in my life. When I discovered that my adoption was not performed accordingly and probably not legally as well, it shook everything inside of me. It broke me and I thought less about myself. I remember saying to someone: Who am I? She said, a sweet girl and I couldn’t believe her. Slowly I try to enter more into me. Who am I? What do I feel? What do I want? Where does my heart and my spirit leads me to? …