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Need a moment

A yoga holiday again. Or calling myself sick. There are many reasons for my free schedule this week. After a turbulent month, I shouldn’t feel guilty. But I do. I even didn’t practice at home. My body is stressed at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow or next weekend I will be able to do some yin yoga and next week it’s yoga as usual ~ 🙏🏽🧘‍♀️🌸~ #yoga #yogadaily #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #healingjourney #yogatransformation #yogabeginner #yogastudent #yogaathome #yogabreak #yogabalance #yogabreathing

Next day will be better

Another week has passed. A week full of energy that kept my mind occupied. It even came to a point that I needed to be honest to myself. Take a breath, take a break and trust tomorrow will be better. And it was. Somehow the universe can treat you with a day that everything goes smoothly. However, the universe, really? It could be, but I was the one who decided to think about me the day before. Who took care of me. So the universe is not to thank you for the good day that followed. Nevertheless, the universe also pointed out to me that enough was enough. I needed rest. So I did and the next day the dark clouds made room for the sun to shine in my spirit ~ it was the universe after all ~ 🙏🏽🌸⛅️~ #baddays #days #break #pause #sunshine #universe

A yoga break

Sometimes you need to know when to take pause. Last week I decided so. No yoga, unfortunately. My next class is scheduled for next Saturday. It will be Hatha again and I feel my body is able to bare another of yoga poses. Pausing is not something I am used to do. It was always my mother who reminded me to relax and she still does. When she and my body are screaming to take a rest, well than I think it’s time. It doesn’t mean I sit still. I am always busy, in my mind, thinking about my next step in life and how to improve my well being in all sorts of ways 🌸💖~ #yogainspiration #yoga #relax #yogalife #yogalifestyle