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When it’s too much

Bending. We do it in different ways. Not only with our body, but our spirit too. We bend for the people we love and the people we live with. We bend, so we can exist together. In the end we need the people that life gave us. Our family, our friends, colleagues and sport mates. They come into our lives because they have the ability to teach us things. Although it may not be the lesson you expected or you were longing for. But for whatever reason they are in front of you and you must learn to deal with them. You bend, because you believe it will make you stronger and they will take you to a better place. Until you realize that place is not meant to be. Until you notice you break, because you were bending to much. Don’t break. Just let go, sit down and take a moment to reflect. To feel what has happened to your body and spirit in times of bending. Do you feel empty in your relaxing …

The full bending

Postures I do enjoy most are the back bending positions. It was the first time yesterday to perform this routine. Of course I was testing my boundaries again. I am not sure whether it was good for me to perform the full bending, but it went well. I am looking forward to improve and learn more positions like these in the future 🧘‍♀️ 💜💚~ #yoga #yogagirl #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogaeverywhere #yogajourney #yogaeveryday #yogafun #yogabalance #healing #healingjourney #healing