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Survive with thunder

Today I was thinking about being clean. Clean from pain, hurt, sorrows, grief. Free from feelings with negativity. Is it possible for me to reach a state like that? At this moment I doubt it. I don’t believe my traumas will ever disappear. I believe they stay, they exist, they are part of me. It’s another part of me that needs to heal to cope with these feelings properly. That’s what I believe in. That I can be healed in a way I have found a healthy lifestyle to cope with my daily depressions and anxiety’s. I am not there yet. Last few days I have felt really disappointed about myself. That I wasn’t able to perform as I wanted to. What needs to be healed is the part that can say it’s okay. There will be other and better days. Today the rain fell and dark clouds dominated your well being. But as we know, the sun will appear soon enough. So when the sun shines, you remember the rain and thunder. And you …

Free from tension

This week I feel a lot of tension in my body. Too much pressure, sadness, stress and pain. My right arm and shoulder are tensed because of all of this. The same for my neck and head. Since I was thirteen I experience severe headaches. They become such a part of my life that I consider them as normal, but they aren’t of course. It’s like I am used to it, but it should be something I want to heal from. This is another reason for yoga and a night with incense. I hope it takes away the tension in me and it also helps the people around me as well ~ 💚🙏🏽💜~ #incense #yoga #stress #tension #healing #healingvibrations #healingjourney #yogalife #grief #sadness

Wait and be silent

Doubt. Even though I enjoy Yoga, I am not sure whether this is the path for me to discover myself. When I write this. Or when I this comes to my mind, I do realize it’s my fear talking. My deep insecurity about myself. Always not knowing results in never knowing. Always thinking that what you do is not meant to be. That’s what adoption does with your mind and spirit. Or what it does with me. I never know. I am not able to trust. The world. My self. Or all the people in my life. When I discovered that my adoption was not performed accordingly and probably not legally as well, it shook everything inside of me. It broke me and I thought less about myself. I remember saying to someone: Who am I? She said, a sweet girl and I couldn’t believe her. Slowly I try to enter more into me. Who am I? What do I feel? What do I want? Where does my heart and my spirit leads me to? …