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Sunny side up

In preparation of my ballet performance in two weeks, I want to try to eat more healthy. It’s a good reason to start eating healthy. I also hope it helps me to feel better and more energetic. I have had more periods like these, trying to eat more vegetables and less junk food. It’s especially the quality of the food that I need to pay attention to. So today it was one egg, sunny side up, avocado, couscous and some onions for the spicy bite. It was the first time I tried this combination and it was really good. Unfortunately I do not react very well on eggs, so I should be really careful with eating this. But today I really wanted to try one egg, we’ll see what happens 😉~ 💋🌸~ #yogadaily #yogalife #eatinghealthy #healthyrecipes #yogafood #ballet #yogagirl #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #healingjourney Advertisements

Intensive joy

Yesterday I joined the Vinyasa class again. It was intensive, but so much fun. Never had I imagined I could enjoy something, even though I wasn’t good at it yet. So I am proud at myself that I could also manage to prepare a healthy meal after that. I came home late, but I made a small couscous salad with choy and chicken. This meal was the best way to end my Yoga night ~ 🥘 🧘‍♀️ ~ #yoga #yogabeginner #yogafood #yogalife #yogalifestyle #healthyfood #yogajourney #yogafun #food #foodporn #foodie #foodies

After yoga ramen

A good meal after an intensive hatha yoga class on a warm sunny Saturday. I didn’t sleep very well last night and I was not sure whether yoga would be a wise thing to do. I went anyway and it’s good that I did. These hatha yoga classes always bring me back, thanks to the breathing exercises, the asanas and the wisdom of the yoga teacher. So now I will enjoy my self made ramen soup. Happy Saturday everyone 💛🌷🧘‍♀️~ #yoga #yogalifestyle #yogalife #yogagirl #hathayoga #ramennoodles #ramen #postyogameal #healthyfood #healthy Image by Verawaty