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The exhaustion of stress

I can’t believe what stress and exhaustion can do to the body. Especially my left side won’t cooperate like want to. It needs more stretching and balance is worse. I hope it goes away soon. Perhaps I need to attend the yin yoga classes again to create more peace everywhere. Not it was like that before. I thing what wasn’t good, is worse now. I guess that’s the state I am in. It also means I need holiday, that will be soon. In the meantime I should do my exercises more and not expect to much. Just being there, feel the postures and move my body like it needs to. Feeling is essential and I try to do so ~ 🧘‍♀️🌸💎~ #yoga #yogagirl #yogalife #stress #healing #feelings #feeling #stressed #yogabody #yogaworld #yogalove

Wonderful way 🙏🏽

Just be in the moment can be satisfying. Not moving your body all the time, but really feel. Sounds wonderful, but again very difficult. With some postures like these I can manage to relax. To enjoy my body, my breath, the moment, the air. That’s one of the satisfying elements I discovered with yoga. I can enjoy. Even in breathing. Sometimes the most relaxing posture, can give you the best way to healing and finding your soul again ~ 🌸🙏🏽~ #yoga #yogalife #yogalove #yogagirl #yogasoul #soulsearching #healing #healingjourney #breathing

Listen to silence 💜

Listening to your body is one of the many advices you get, when you do yoga. Let’s that just be one of the things I am not used to do. Unless my body is screaming. Right? Familiar? The body isn’t, of course, literally screaming. Actually, it’s silent. It doesn’t do anything. It screams in silence. Sometimes the mind does the screaming. This week my body was screaming and no, I didn’t listen. I was not able to follow a yoga class unfortunately, but I have done it. Because I know it’s good for me, to heal, to recover, to find a way for my energy to flow through me. It’s weird that yoga can be good, when you don’t feel good. If you listen. Thanks to yoga I am better at it and adjust my yoga routines accordingly. Following classes might be better even, because of the routines that are formed properly by the instructor. So I can say I am healing. Little by little, the change is coming. That doesn’t mean my pain is …

My instinctive routine

Despite the busy schedule there was time for a small yoga routine. After an emotional week, I knew yoga was necessary. Unfortunately I am not able to follow more classes this month. Luckily I do have a yoga mat at home. Just to be there, with me and my yoga. All I do is follow my body where it wants to go. It’s not that I prepare my routines. Every move is chosen instinctively. Hopefully for the best of my body and mind ~ 💗🙏🏽💗~ #yoga #yogainspiration #yogalifestyle #yogalife #yogagirl #yogalove #yogalover

Survive with thunder

Today I was thinking about being clean. Clean from pain, hurt, sorrows, grief. Free from feelings with negativity. Is it possible for me to reach a state like that? At this moment I doubt it. I don’t believe my traumas will ever disappear. I believe they stay, they exist, they are part of me. It’s another part of me that needs to heal to cope with these feelings properly. That’s what I believe in. That I can be healed in a way I have found a healthy lifestyle to cope with my daily depressions and anxiety’s. I am not there yet. Last few days I have felt really disappointed about myself. That I wasn’t able to perform as I wanted to. What needs to be healed is the part that can say it’s okay. There will be other and better days. Today the rain fell and dark clouds dominated your well being. But as we know, the sun will appear soon enough. So when the sun shines, you remember the rain and thunder. And you …