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Breathe with tears ~ 🕉

These few days I have the feeling that some elements in life are not for me anymore. This feels somehow as a disappointment, but I should also see this as a new opportunity. Sometimes a door just closes, even when you don’t want to. It means a lot of things and you should look at the opportunities ahead of you. Being adopted I always tried to look at life as a second chance. Born in Indonesia but raised in the Netherlands gave me new opportunities to a better life. This was a mindset that kept me going. Even as a little girl I knew I should make the best of it and give it all I got to make this chance a successful one. So everyone will be proud and it wasn’t all for nothing. Lately I still live with this mantra but I also feel the pain more. I realize what happened, what I lost and what I will never get back. It will be lost forever and it’s a harsh reality that sometimes …

The wish for more 🧘‍♀️✨

Slowly I am finding my balance again. Keeping distance from everything and everyone around me. A healthy distance which will make me feel stronger and less confused. However I do feel my body needs to rest. As much I love exercise, it never takes me to this high energy I hear many people about. It doesn’t give me energy and my body always feels tired. Even after yoga. This makes me kind of sad because I do want to exercise more and I do want to feel like other people do, but it seems not for me. Even from yoga I need a rest from time to time. No worries, now I have figured out a way to do yoga as it suits me. Just 15 to 20 minutes on my mat and it seems for now the right thing to do. Hopefully, hopefully I can expand the duration of my routines. We will see. As long as I am enjoying it and having fun. In the end that’s what matters ~ 🧘‍♀️ 🌸~ #yoga …

My own control 🕉✨

Just a yoga evening. It’s always searching for the right movements and I notice I usually do the same postures. Today I used my pillow as a bolster and it worked somehow for doing my twist exercises. When I got up I decided to add a little vinyasa to my routine. It always feels like a muscle training. In the end my evening routine took almost 30 minutes, not bad if you planned to do 15 minutes. Why I like this posture in particular? It feels like I am in control. That I regain my own power again. Just for that moment. Whether that feeling stays, well it doesn’t but it was there. Within those 30 minutes. ~ 🧘‍♀️🌸🧘‍♀️~ #yoga #yogapostures #warriorpose #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogabeginner #yogababe #yogagirl #yogagirls #yogaevening #eveningyoga #yogapractice #practiceyoga #yogajourney #myyogajourney

A journey of light 💕✨

For more than a year now yoga has become a greater part of my life. I can honestly say it helped me through a difficult period and it still does. No I will not say I am healed, definitely not. Also this journey is taken with small steps, which is not weird since the load that I am carrying is pretty heavy and I am taking more and more. So it’s really necessary to take my yoga moments and follow my classes. Lately I realized that yin yoga is the best way for me and helps me to find more peace in myself. To cope with emotions and also release and acknowledge them. Not a very nice journey, however it’s better to acknowledge them than not to. In the end you must realize they are part of your life. You just don’t have to become them. With yoga I would like to change these emotions and pain in something beautiful and give hope to anyone who experiences a difficult time themselves. You are not alone, …

When you follow 💗

Sometimes when you follow your heart, the rest will follow. Even when it’s not where you wanted to be, why you decided to listen. If you choose the voice of your heart, it doesn’t say anything about the outcome. It doesn’t even say anything about the path you choose. It says everything about you. Who you are. What you want. All at that moment and if you notice it isn’t what makes your heart happy. Listen again. Always listen. To your body, mind and heart. ~ 🙏🏽~ I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ~ lots of love ~ 💗🌸💗~ #yoga #heart #heartlove #yogalove #yogalover #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogababe #yogagirl