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A journey of light 💕✨

For more than a year now yoga has become a greater part of my life. I can honestly say it helped me through a difficult period and it still does. No I will not say I am healed, definitely not. Also this journey is taken with small steps, which is not weird since the load that I am carrying is pretty heavy and I am taking more and more. So it’s really necessary to take my yoga moments and follow my classes. Lately I realized that yin yoga is the best way for me and helps me to find more peace in myself. To cope with emotions and also release and acknowledge them. Not a very nice journey, however it’s better to acknowledge them than not to. In the end you must realize they are part of your life. You just don’t have to become them. With yoga I would like to change these emotions and pain in something beautiful and give hope to anyone who experiences a difficult time themselves. You are not alone, you never are ~ a special thanks to my followers and fellow yogis ~ you really enlighten my life ~ 🙏🏽 🌸💕~ #yoga #yogalife #yogalove #yogababe #enlightenment #healing #healingjourney #hope #yogahope #yogahealing


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