Month: June 2019

Another avocado

Sharing food pics is really weird, considering I am not a fan of cooking. Or let’s say cooking for other people. I always have these unfamiliar combinations, which never match with the traditional cooking people are used to. So I always keep my meals to myself. Today is another avocado day, this time with a boiled egg and chicken. Once again with couscous. Sharing this online also helps me to continue with this eating pattern and discovering new exciting combinations to enjoy ~ 🌸🥑🥚~ The recipe for today~ 1/2 avocado 1 boiled egg Couscous Chicken #eathealthy #eathealthyfood #avocado #boiledegg #yogalifestyle #yoga #healthyfood #yogafood #healthylifestyle #healthylife Advertisements

Sunny side up

In preparation of my ballet performance in two weeks, I want to try to eat more healthy. It’s a good reason to start eating healthy. I also hope it helps me to feel better and more energetic. I have had more periods like these, trying to eat more vegetables and less junk food. It’s especially the quality of the food that I need to pay attention to. So today it was one egg, sunny side up, avocado, couscous and some onions for the spicy bite. It was the first time I tried this combination and it was really good. Unfortunately I do not react very well on eggs, so I should be really careful with eating this. But today I really wanted to try one egg, we’ll see what happens 😉~ 💋🌸~ #yogadaily #yogalife #eatinghealthy #healthyrecipes #yogafood #ballet #yogagirl #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #healingjourney

Without filter

This morning I woke up with a terrible weird headache. However I needed some yoga so I tried some exercises. It’s a warm day in the Netherlands, hence the comfortable clothing. Regarding my headache, I am not sure what it is. I have some migraines from time to time. Perhaps the stress lately is beginning to show. It probably is, but I can’t control what’s happening with the people around me. Somehow I should control how I cope with it myself. I haven’t found the best way yet. I am born without a filter. Everything goes straight through me and sometimes my heart. I am not sure if it’s something I want to change. It also keeps me aware of everyone around me that I love. With yoga I hope to find a way to be involved with my loved ones, but also protects myself. It’s not easy to find, but I’ll keep searching and exploring. ~ 🧘‍♀️💗🌸~ #yogadaily #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #healingjourney #yoga #yogagirl #control #yogalife #yogamorning