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My true soul

Doing yoga is all about finding my soul. Finding out who I truly am. Listening to my heart and not follow all expectations of others around me. What do I want? What do I really feel? What makes me feel so good? What is it that doesn’t causes any hyperventilation, anxiety or panic attacks? What makes me smile? What makes me happy? These questions seem so simple and somehow they tend to fade away as we get older. So when I needed to find a way to find my own true soul, I was trying to live according my own heart. What it said. Where it wants to be. When it feels loved and joyful. It’s difficult, because the wishes of my heart do not meet the lives most people around me have. Since I am following my heart, I feel more distance to the people around me. However, I feel like I am living the way I am. My hope is, this living brings me to me. Who I have lost many many years ago. She has changed, grown up, but she’s there. Happy she’s not alone anymore. ~ 🍀💗🌸~ #healingjourney #yogainspiration #inspiration #soul #soulful_moments #healing #yogalifestyle #yogalife #yogagirl #yogasoulsearch #yogasoulsearching #yogalove #selflove #self


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