Month: May 2019

Lonely sunshine

A weekend full of sun is coming. Most people are looking forward to days like these. Warmth. Sunshine. I never was and I still don’t know why. Maybe because I always felt lonely on the days other people joined together to enjoy the sun. I always felt lost during those days and I learned to get through the days by myself. Now I don’t need other people to entertain me, but still on spring days I can’t enjoy the sunshine. It’s there, it’s fine, but I don’t need it to find joy. Maybe because I’ve found the joy within. Searching for the sunshine inside myself. So when the rain comes, I have myself to turn to and to live from the joy within. ~ ☀️🌸🏹~ #yogadaily #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration #yogagirl #sunshine #loneliness #lonely #healing #healingjourney

Journey of good and bad

Perfection. First I hesitated to start this yoga account and my website, because I considered myself not experienced enough in yoga. After a few small posts on my website for @lvchfairytales I noticed the appreciation for my messages. So I dared to start this account. Now I can say, it’s fine not to be fully experienced in yoga. It could be useful to show people my journey with yoga and healing. It also helps me to continue this path and keep going, no matter how difficult it feels. That’s life isn’t it? It isn’t one success story. We experience good and bad days, so I shouldn’t be ashamed of my bad days. My bad yoga poses or the days or weeks it’s impossible to join a yoga class. Like this week. It’s always there for me and I am even now able to do yoga at home. So I am never without yoga, little by little it becomes part of me. That’s exactly where I want it to be ~ 🧘‍♀️💗🏹~ #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogagirl …

A healing combination

Yoga is not the only activity I am interested in. Like five years ago I joined the adult ballet classes in my town. It should’ve been something that gave me more joy and positivity. And it did, but I also notice I need yoga for my mental and spiritual development. Ballet gives me the joy of dance, while yoga helps me more on my healing journey. Right now I can say the combination is quite beautiful for me. Even though I have my difficult days, in the end I can say that ballet and yoga are part of my life right now. Which give me a reason to smile ~ even through my tears ~ 🌸💗🙏🏽~ #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogagirl #yoga #yogaballet #ballet #dance #healing #healingjourney #development

Yoga tips ~ the towel

Just a yoga tip today for other yoga beginners ~ Soon after I started with yoga I bought my yoga towel. It bothered me to use the math from the yoga school, but I didn’t want to carry a yoga with me all the time. So this towel seemed like the perfect solution and it is. It’s not to heavy and it feels better for me during my classes to lay down on my own towel. It feels more relaxed to do so ~ 🙏🏽🌸~ #yoga #yogalife #yogagirl #yogatowel #yogaaccessories #yogatips

Next day will be better

Another week has passed. A week full of energy that kept my mind occupied. It even came to a point that I needed to be honest to myself. Take a breath, take a break and trust tomorrow will be better. And it was. Somehow the universe can treat you with a day that everything goes smoothly. However, the universe, really? It could be, but I was the one who decided to think about me the day before. Who took care of me. So the universe is not to thank you for the good day that followed. Nevertheless, the universe also pointed out to me that enough was enough. I needed rest. So I did and the next day the dark clouds made room for the sun to shine in my spirit ~ it was the universe after all ~ 🙏🏽🌸⛅️~ #baddays #days #break #pause #sunshine #universe